Rooted in Local History

Highland Heights believes in remembering our past, and never forgetting where we started – at the corner of Summer and National Street providing excellence in pharmacy care. A lot has changed but the cornerstone of our business of health – CARE – remains.


In 1929 Summer Ave opened as a Highway that led from Memphis to the Atlantic coast and was first known as the “National Highway”, and later "Highland Heights". Soon after the new highway opened, Highland Heights Pharmacy opened it's doors to serve the growing community that was quickly building thanks to the new route.


When Highland Heights first opened in 1929, prescription medicines were mixed in glass bottles and sealed with corks by pharmacists. By the 1950s, most medicines now came premixed and prepackaged. Over the decades the pharmacist role has evolved but we are still skilled and highly trained in understanding chemistry, how medicines work in the body, how they work in combination with other medicines, and how to be properly taken for maximum benefit and safety.Pharmacists now provide more than medicine dispersion - we provide knowledge and information. We still hold fast to the same core value of 1929: pharmacists provide CARE.


By the mid 1950s, pharmaceutical science had advanced greatly and pharmacies now needed to be licensed. Owner Dr. Jimmy McDonald was one of the first members of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy and was a strong supporter of the University of Tennessee School of Pharmacy. Upon Dr. McDonald's retirement, his son Dr. Kevin McDonald followed in his dad's footsteps and became a mentor and preceptor for pharmaceutical students. When legislation was passed allowing pharmacists to write prescriptions with physician collaboration, the first Rx written and signed by a pharmacist in Tennessee was done so on the desk in Highland Heights Pharmacy.

A New Chapter

While a lot has changed since 1929. Highland Heights Pharmacy ‘s core value of providing excellence in CARE remains steadfast. We are proud of our heritage of 91 years of caring for the community. We look forward to continuing to provide excellent care and look forward to a brighter and healthier future – one patient at time. Some things don’t need to change. We plan on continuing to provide care. Come be part of the family.

Highland   Heights   is   here   for   you.
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For the past 90 years, Highland Heights Pharmacy has provided the best customer care and service.
Some say it feels like we are family. Come be part of the family.

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We've Moved!


Come visit us at our new location:

4726 Poplar Ave Suite 3
Memphis, TN 38117